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Sauce Labs: Cross Browser Testing, Selenium Testing & Mobile Testing

Custom attributes are required to link the correct errors and crashes that occurred on the selected device and for the duration of the test. Test Overview and Trends dashboards give you a complete view of where testing is succeeding, and identifies areas for improvement. Improve efficiency by identifying and fixing high-impact quality issues, faster. Within the high level process described above, there are many nuances that can affect the usefulness of your test results. Whether you wish to use a graphical interface or a programmatic API request For additional information about choosing your best method, see App Storage.

  • Test Overview and Trends dashboards give you a complete view of where testing is succeeding, and identifies areas for improvement.
  • Also, when it comes to time to run a test session, you need to start a server instance that is dedicated to the device emulator against which your test is to run.
  • Create and manage teams to organize your users and assign concurrency at the team level.
  • You need to make sure all the dependencies Appium needs are in place.
  • Most of the elements in our Swag Labs example have multiple unique attributes that make it easy to identify them with CSS.
  • To view or change the app settings, on the App Management page, hover over the app and then click Settings.

If you didnât set a passcode, Apple will show a notification.In Wallet, tap the plus sign to add a new card. Use the card information on Appleâs Sandbox Testing page.Prepare Sauce Labs. As mentioned before, Sauce Labs uses an enterprise certificate to install an app on public and private devices. But Apple Pay canât work with the enterprise certificate, so the app needs to be signed with the developer certificate.

Key Results from The Total Economic Impact™ of Sauce Labs

An implicit wait is set telling the driver how long to wait before throwing the exception. If the element is located right away, the value of the implicit wait does not matter. Regardless of the language, changing the method name from “element” to “elements” will search the entire DOM, and return a collection of all matching elements rather than just the first one.

First with Sauce and Qualitest, your platform can release better quality mobile apps in shorter development cycles. Second, you can reduce your test resource and infrastructure costs. Lastly, you eliminate your risk of failure with market leading technology and test automation expertise.


Digital confidence is the theory that your platform will deliver an excellent, consistent user experience every time. Mobile digital confidence is complex and requires the right technology, expertise and processes. Sauce Labs’ Continuous Testing cloud is designed to support all aspects of testing, using both simulated browsers and mobile devices and real mobile devices. BrowserStack supports functional testing, real-world condition testing and regression testing.

sauce labs mobile testing

First, there is a low investment in testing older OS versions, mainly because tests are too complex to maintain, and the user breakdown does not justify the effort needed. Complementing that, there is a trend towards using unit tests, followed by snapshot/screenshot tests, plus a reduction in the number of UI tests. Snapshot/screenshot tests are preferred due to their maintainability and reliability in testing different rendering modes.

Many Different Testing Tools

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Selenium with Python for automated testing. You will run a variety of tests on a sample website to get a fundamental understanding of automated testing with these tools. Not only the team helped us to find a great testing solution that would meet our requirements, but also worked closely with us to accelerate our agile What is Sauce Labs testing processes. Listing 3 below is a Java test that shows the modification required to have a cloud based application artifact tested against an Appium instance running on SauceLabs. This practice allows you to deliver better software and helps your app to be successful by testing its functionality, usability and consistency, growing your user base.

To learn more about Sauce Labs + Qualitest and how we are revolutionizing the space together watch this video, the first in a four-part series, to see how you can take your brand to the next level. A frequent practice of these companies is to have a dedicated team for CI, which lets the rest of the teams focus on development and testing. A typical task the CI team does is to implement and maintain scripts to manage the setup and cleanup of their environments. Finally, GitHub is the most commonly used system to provide a centralized repository for source codes and team collaboration hub.

Automated Testing​

The increasing complexity of mobile app development requires a fast, scalable, and reliable mobile testing solution from development to post-release. Run automated and manual mobile app tests securely from anywhere, anytime. Increase team productivity with instant access to the most extensive range of iOS and Android devices, operating systems, and test automation frameworks. Debug and release faster with error monitoring and reporting. Testing is in fact an important part of every software development process and with mobile apps it has become even more important. The growing number of mobile devices is leading to a massive fragmentation of OS, screen sizes, variations of standard OS and more.

sauce labs mobile testing

Test on thousands of device, browser, and OS configurations – anywhere, any time. You can increase it up to 30 minutes using a timeout capability. With these information you can go ahead and use websites like to filter out devices with the above mentioned characteristics.

Verizon Media accelerates millions of tests monthly with Sauce Labs

You’ll see a loading screen, and then the app will launch in a live test window using the device you selected. If you are testing an iOS app, the device selection will only display the type (real/virtual) configured on the app. The device selection page will open, with the option to test on a real device or a virtual device. Any changes you make to the app settings will affect all uploaded versions of the app.

sauce labs mobile testing

For Espresso and XCUITest, these settings are configured through YAML properties. Refer to the applicable configuration documentation for your test environment for details about supported configurations and syntax. The image downloads automatically as a .png file.Share SessionOpens the Share Device window. The five other tests will try to get the requested devices for the next 15 minutes. Thatâs the default time — it can be increased to 30 minutes through a timeout command.

Step 3: Locate an HTML Element on a Web Page​

The Backtrace integration is specific to the data center that is active for your Sauce Labs account during setup. If you have access to multiple data centers, you must switch into each data center and complete the steps below to integrate Backtrace. Detecting errors and crashes and resolving them early on is key to the success of your app. Machine Learning algorithms automatically derive performance baselines and provide notification when true front-end performance regressions occur, helping teams remediate faster. Gain front-end Sauce performance insights before your app or website go-live. Create and manage teams to organize your users and assign concurrency at the team level.

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