Mediavalle and the Garfagnana

Where: Borgo a Mozzano, Barga, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana
Duration: About 6 hours
Type of service: Car rent with driver
Departure place: By choice
Number of participants: 1-8 persons

The town of Borgo a Mozzano is dominated by a tower of medieval origin situated at the highest point of the town, called “the Monte Bargiglio Tower”.

Borgo a Mozzano’s most suggestive monument is probably the Ponte della Maddalena, also called the “Devil’s Bridge”. It was constructed in the vicinity of an oratory dedicated to Maddalena, from which it takes its official name, to connect the two river banks.

Barga stands on the top of a hill, halfway between the city of Lucca and the mountains of the Garfagnana and has been nominated as “One of the most beautiful towns in Italy”, given “the Touring Club Orange Flag” and “Città Slow” sign (all prestige honours and qualifications in the world of tourism).

Castelnuovo is the main town and the heart of the lush Garfagnana which constitutes the northern side of the valley of the Serchio river enclosed between the mountainous spurs of the Apuan Alps and the Apennines. Amongst its more important monuments are the ancient fortress and the beautiful Cathedral.

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