The villas of Lucca

Where: Lucca surroundings
Duration: About 4 hours
Type of service: Car rent with driver
Departure place: By choice
Number of participants: 1-8 persons

Just a few minutes from the walls of Lucca, immersed between olive groves and vineyards, are the elegant villas of the nobility. These were not only used as holiday residences, but often as true and proper places of representation. Their architectonic beauty, and the splendour of some of their internal decorations, are evident testimony.

Villa Torrigiani
This is a spectacular baroque Villa whose gardens are still kept to the original form, rich in surprises and water sprays. The villa is open to visitors and is completely furnished.

Villa Reale in Marlia
From 1805 it was the preferred residence of Princess Elisa Baiocchi Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister. It is possible to view the vast park and spectacular gardens (the site of the original, tiny theatre “verzura” where the celebrated violinist Paganini played).

Villa Mansi
This is the summer resident of one of the wealthiest Lucca families. The gardens were kept by Filippo Juvarra, architect.

Villa Bernardini
It is the only 16th century villa which still has an exceptional ‘verzura’ theatre capable of seating up to 400 people, in the grounds. The villa is complete with the original furnishings and fittings.

Villa Grabau
It is important for the botanical varieties in its gardens, with its buildings for orange and lemon trees specially constructed for the preservation of citrus fruits.

Villa Oliva
It is one of the renaissance style residences of the wealthy Buonvisi family. It is possible to visit the magnificent gardens.

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