Siena and San Gimignano

Where: Siena and San Gimignano
Duration: About 8 hours
Type of service: Car rent with driver
Departure place: By choice
Number of participants: 1-8 persons

Siena is one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. It is situated in the centre of Tuscany between the rolling hills of the Chianti area and the Maremma and is rich in history, art and culture; the city famous for its Palio.

Visitors have always been encouraged to walk through the characteristic medieval streets of the ancient city, with their shops, towers and palaces, to discover with surprise, to suddenly happen upon the famous Piazza del Campo.

San Gimignano stands on the top of a hill, 334 metres, together with its numerous towers. Thirteen of which still stand to-day. It is said that in the thirteenth century there were seventy two, the number equal to the nucleus of wealthy families who were the only ones who could demonstrate the power of their wealth by building a tower.

During the Medieval era the town developed along the Via Francigena, the main road for pilgrims on their way to Rome, and became one of the most prosperous of Tuscan towns, so much so that San Gimignano became overwhelmed with works of art for the adornment of churches and convents.

In recent years the city has been able to preserve its masterpieces in such a way that they have been declared to be of world heritage by UNESCO.

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